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The Clean Earth Energy story


With the goal of creating the ultimate clean energy and e-mobility experience, Clean Earth Energy’s mission is to increase awareness and promote the benefits of clean energy, sustainability, and e-mobility.



Clean Earth Energy helps its users make informed decisions about their energy choices in order to make clean energy a greater part of their daily lives.


Engaging and educating



First conceived as a news and insights aggregator and publisher, Clean Earth Energy’s goal is to become one of the most influential names in clean energy and e-mobility, underpinned by its presence across major social media channels.



With a large brand reach, Clean Earth Energy’s online editorial is rich with unbiased reviews, the latest clean energy and e-mobility news, commentary and insights, and in-depth advice.


Empowering and partnering



Built to help organizations and consumers embrace clean energy, sustainability and e-mobility, Clean Earth Energy offers a suite of renewable energy technology advisory services, data-driven tools and insights, including Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCoE), national, regional and local sustainability initiatives and policies, digital transformation strategy, execution and project management, and e-commerce training, marketing and advertising.


Clean Earth Energy is headquartered in Osaka, Japan.

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Meet Mark Wyche, Founder and Chief Sustainability Officer

Having developed a deep interest in clean energy and e-mobility, Mark founded Clean Earth Energy to focus on sharing “relatable” clean energy topics with the world.


Mark is active in growing Clean Earth Energy into one of the leading sources of renewable energy and e-Mobility news, insights and commentary, and reviews.


Furthermore, Mark aspires to be a leading influencer in the clean energy and e-mobility sectors. He frequently speaks at international events and shares his expertise with industry professionals, schools and organizations. Mark is also an active member of the U.S. – Japan Environment Innovation Program.


Mark’s mission is to fundamentally alter the perception of renewable energy, sustainability and e-mobility, as well as highlight the positive and lasting impact they can have on people’s everyday lives and our planet.

Clean Earth Energy