Is Ford Catching Up to Tesla? See Volvo’s EX90 EV. What BMW, Tesla & Toyota Will Do With Future EVs – Episode 10

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In this episode, Ford becomes the #2 EV seller in the US, but are they moving any closer to catching Tesla?


BMW has been making lots of news recently with its EV plans. They recently announced a major shift in how they intend to sell to consumer. Also, see what their CEO thinks is ‘hip’ in EVs.


Volvo has taken the first steps toward phasing out Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles by 2030 with their announcement of their new flagship EV SUV, the EX90.


Porsche has made it 100K with its Taycan. Could it be an all electric future for the company?


Tesla is 8 times more profitable than Toyota, and has a 3 times bigger market cap. But, Toyota is over 7 times bigger than Tesla. What is going on?!

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