The U.S.’, Germany’s and the EU’s Latest Climate Actions – Podcast Episode 06

There were a few noteworthy climate actions over the past week from the U.S., Germany and from the European Commission related to solar and wind energy, electric vehicles, and energy security.

clean earth energy podcast episode 06 cover art

In this episode we talk about on the latest climate actions in the U.S., Germany and from the European Commission:


Podcast episode topics:


– Has the world reached a turning point with Green energy?

– US Department of Transportation establishes guidelines for US national EV charging network

– President Biden places 2-year moratorium on solar panel imports tariffs

– Biden – Harris Administration to soon open offshore wind lease auction in Morro Bay, California and what it means for the state – Greentech, jobs

– New York exploring locations for manufacturing, assembly and transportation ports around Brooklyn and Staten Island

– Offshore wind opportunities in Gulf of Mexico – Texas and Louisiana

– Electric Vehicles, solar and wind energy – America’s climate ambitions are beginning to take shape. What does it mean for the American economy and energy security?

– Why is Biden using the Defense Production Act for renewable energy – electric car chargers, solar panel production, carbon emissions reduction and the energy transition

– European Union to ban gas and diesel (ICE) vehicles by 2035
– Germany’s wind energy expansion plans

– RePower EU? What is it? How will it work? Who’s going to pay for it?

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