Tesla Semi Available For Order In The US With Pricing and Specs

Tesla Semi

Tesla’s long-awaited Semi is now available for order in the US – if you’re prepared to put down a $20,000 deposit.


Tesla Semi, announced by the company in 2019, has finally gone on sale in the US. There is, however, still no firm date for the start of production or delivery of what Tesla claims is “the safest, most comfortable truck ever.”, and “requires the lowest energy cost per mile.”


Tesla Semi comes in a 300 or 500 mile range offering. The expected base price for the former is $150,000 US while the 500 mile range model has a $180,000 base price.


Both models are driven by 4 independent motors on the rear axle. With an 80,000 lb. load, Semi can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 20 seconds. It should out-accelerate a conventional ICE semi by a wide margin.


Semi features enhanced Autopilot to help avoid collisions a centered driving position for maximum visibility and control, and a low center of gravity for rollover protection.


Tesla claims that Semi’s energy costs are half those of its diesel counterparts. Since there are fewer systems to maintain, Semi provides over $200,000 in fuel savings and two year payback period.


Semi is available purchase now, but Tesla requires interested buyers to put down a $20,000 deposit for a reservation. Each additional Semi that a buyer wishes to purchase requires an additional $15,000 deposit. 

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